Friday, February 20, 2009

Stop bugging me about why my family doesn't have a blog!

About a year ago, I secretly made fun of blogging and bloggers in general. This, I believe, is my third or fourth blog now, I forget. My first foray into blogging was largely just one to jot down my personal thoughts, humorous and otherwise, about the world. I never felt like that was a family blog, even though I put a couple of things up there family related.

Well, world, here it is, the official Hendricks family blog, with links to my other forays into blogging. Now, start bugging Rochelle about getting on here and doing some blogging of her own! And stop accusing me of trying to act single on the internet to pick up hot babes, I already told the guys from Dateline I was at that house to pick up a free wrench set!

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